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Recycled nutrients in Organic Farming, RAMIRAN, European Waste Water Management Conference

This summarises:

- ESPP – IFOAM Organics Europe webinar: "Which recycled nutrients for Organic Farming? and why?" - Brussels and online, 18th September 2023
- RAMIRAN 2023 - Cambridge University UK, 12-14 September 2023
- European Waste Water Management Conference - Manchester, UK, 4-5 July 2023

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White Ammonia & Nitrogen Recovery Research Meeting (WARM)

Summary of ESPP’s first workshop on nitrogen recovery research, 7th June 2023, covering a wide range of routes for reusing nitrogen from organic waste streams.

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Nitrogen Recovery science

Summary of a selection of nearly 80 recent science publications on nitrogen recovery, with the aim of showing current state of the art in research and proposing conclusions on R&D needs.

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Summary of the second meeting of the Organic and Organo-Mineral Fertilisers industries, SOFIE2, Brussels and online 17-18 January 2023.
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Nitrogen Recovery

Summary of the ESPP Workshop on Nitrogen Recovery, Brussels and online, 19th January 2023.
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Perspectives for pyrolysis of sewage sludges

Summary of the first Swedish Conference on Sewage Sludge Biochar, Malmö, 11-12 October 2022.
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Summary of the 4th European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference and the 5th Phosphorus in Europe Research Meeting, Vienna, Austria, June 2022.
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Legacy Phosphorus in agricultural soils: Maintaining crop yields and minimising losses to water

Summary of the ESPP – BOKU webinar, 2nd February 2022, on “Legacy Phosphorus” and a selection of recent, relevant scientific publications.
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Nutrient recovery & sustainability conferences

Summaries of several conferences on phosphorus management, nutrient recycling and sustainable fertilisers:.
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Algae and the Circular Economy for Nutrients: regulatory challenges

Summary of the webinar organised by ESPP, with EABA (European Algae Biomass Association) on regulatory questions around valorisation of nutrients and other materials from waste-derived algae.
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Nutrients and the EU Farm-to-Fork Policy

Summary of ESPP webinars discussing nutrients in EU policies, and in particular, the nutrient loss reduction target fixed by the EU Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity Strategies.
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Iron – phosphorus interactions and P stewardship

How iron impacts phosphorus availability in soils and agriculture. Interactions between iron in sewage P-removal and phosphorus recovery. Iron-based phosphorus adsorbents for P-removal from wastewater or surface waters and
Update on studies assessing fertiliser value of struvite 
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Climate Change, Nutrients and Catchment Management

This is the second SCOPE Newsletter special issue addressing the links between phosphorus, nutrients and climate change, in cooperation between the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance, North America, and the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform. 
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P4 (white phosphorus): EU Critical Raw Material

Summary of the expert webinar co-organised by the European Commission (DG GROW and JRC) and ESPP, with the EU industries using the specific form of phosphorus P4 its derivatives. Provides detailed information on flows and end-uses, as input to the EU MSA (Material System Analysis) of “Phosphorus” (P4) as a Critical Raw Material.
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SCOPE Nutrients and Climate Change: (1) – Aquatic Methane Emissions

This is the first of several SCOPE Newsletter special issues addressing the links between phosphorus, nutrients and climate change. These special issues are produced in cooperation between the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance, North America, and the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform. 
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In this SCOPE newsletter:

Summary of three conferences on biosolids management (sewage sludge)
- Berlin sludge conference 2019 (Berliner Klärschlammkonferenz), 4-5 November 2019, Berlin
- 5th European Conference on Sludge Management (ECSM), 7-8 October 2019, Liège
- 24th European Biosolids Conference, AquaEnviro, Manchester 19-20 November 2019
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In this SCOPE newsletter:
Summary of the ESPP waste water policy workshop
(sewage phosphorus removal perspectives and discharge limits)
Liège, 9th October 2019

  • Optimising phosphorus removal strategies
  • Flexible permits and catchment/load permitting
  • Achievable levels of P-removal
  • Financial tools to drive P-removal
  • European water and nutrients policies
  • Achieving low wwtp phosphorus discharges: trial results of technologies in real wwtp operation
  • Investment costs
  • Financial incentives
  • Chemical P-removal innovation

With: Veolia, Suez, Aquafin, Wessex Water, Severn Trent Water / UKWIR, EGLV (Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband), VEAS Norway, Helsinki HSY, Kemira, EUREAU, ENEA (Italian P Platform), MM (Milan’s water operator), Aqua Publica, Denmark Ministry of Environment and Food, European Commission (DG Environment, DG Research & Innovation)

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In this SCOPE newsletter:
Summary of the 3rd IWA
Resource Recovery Conference (IWARR 2019)

  • Conference conclusions
  • From recovery to market
  • Workshop on implementation
  • Circular City workshop
  • Conference keynotes and context
  • Sewage sludge challenges in Italy
  • Baltic Bonus RETURN
  • Operator resource recovery strategies
  • EU funding of water resource recovery R&D
  • Looking beyond Europe
  • Phosphorus recovery technologies

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Summary of the 9th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW9)
ETH Zurich, 8 – 12 July 2019:

  • Site visits
  • Holistic view
  • Phosphorus excess or phosphorus insufficiency?
  • Fertiliser innovation
  • Animal feeds
  • Long-term field trials
  • Phosphorus management policies
  • Phosphorus recycling
  • Conclusions

Download SCOPE Newsletter # 131

SCOPE summary edition of the 1st Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE), 5 - 6 June 2019, organised by ESPP. SOFIE brought together, for the first time ever, the European carbon-based fertiliser sector, and attracted over 125 participants, from industry (two thirds of participants), regulators, stakeholders and R&D, covering 14 European countries, as well as India and North America.

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