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Phosphorus Fact Sheet - for comment
ESPP has published a draft “Phosphorus Fact Sheet”. The objective is to provide in a readily accessible form, supported by reference sources, key numbers and data relating to phosphorus production, uses, environmental impacts and recycling, in order to offer in one place answers to often asked questions. 

ESPP contribution to EU public consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
The contribution can be found here as a response to the EU public consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Presentations ESPP conference Phosphorus stewardship in industrial applications 01-12-2016
Report of the conference is online here.
Opening: Janez Potocnik - Co-chair of the UNEP International Resource Panel and previous EU Environment Commissioner
Phosphorus: global resources perspective
Willem Schipper – Willem Schipper Consulting
Phosphorus in industry and society
Carl Szöcs – Prayon
Phosphorus recycling initiatives in a multi-sector P company
Chris Slootweg - SUSPHOS network
Circular phosphorus chemistry and knowledge transfer from one sector to another (chemistry, agriculture, industry)
Steve van Zutphen - Magpie Polymers
Metal Scavenging: using low-value phosphorus materials to make metal refining more sustainable
Alexander Maurer - ICL Fertilizers
The RECOPHOS-Process P4 from Sewage Sludge Ashes
Andreas Rak and Martin Lebek - Remondis
Clean technology for P-recycling to phosphoric acid: REMONDIS TetraPhos®
Marco Michelotti and William Grandi - ProPHOS Chemicals
Innovative solution for phosphate recovery from exhausted extinguishing powders (PhoSave Horizon2020 project)
Wolfgang Wanzke – sustainability manager Clariant
Sustainability in the Phosphorus Value Chain: P-based flame retardants and fire retarded plastics
Maria Cristina Pasi - Italmatch Chemicals, Coordinator of the TRIALKYL LIFE project
Reducing the impact of P chemistry
Tomas Turecki – European Commission DG RTD
Industry innovation and phosphorus sustainability in FP7 & H2020
Solon Mias - EU Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
LIFE Environment Water

Report and presentations ESPP workshop Pharmaceuticals in sewage biosolids 27/10/2016

The report with the outcomes of the workshop can be downloaded here.


P-REX comparative risk assessment of seven renewable and not certified phosphorus fertilizers
A comparative risk assessment of seven renewable and not certified phosphorus fertilizers, sewage sludge, raw ash and triple super phosphates has been conducted for PCDD/Fs + dl-PCBs, PAHs, As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb and Zn. Download the research paper.

Historical literature on phosphorus
Phosphate cristallisation for P-recovery at Treviso WWTP, Cecchi, Battistoni & Boccadora, 2003
The effectiveness of different precipitated phosphates as sources of phosphorus for plants, Richards & Johnston, December 2001
Phosphate recovery by precipitation in a stirred reactor, Rey, Mangin, Klein, Lieto, December 2001
P-recovery: Conference Summary Second International Conference on the recovery of phosphorus from sewage and animal wastes, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 12 & 13 March 2001
P-recovery: Conference Summary & Papers, First International Conference on the recovery of phosphorus from sewage and animal wastes, Warwick, 1998
Phosphorus availability in the 21st century Management of a non-renewable resource, Ingrid Steen, Phosphorus & Potassium, Issue No: 217 (September-October, 1998)
P recovery from animal manure: the possibilities in the Netherlands, Van Ruiten Adviesbureau/Projectbureau BMA, for CEEP, November 1998

ESPP response to EU food security consultation
ESPP response to the public consultation on Horizon 2020 ‘Food Security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy’ Work Programme 2018-2020 can be downloaded here.

ESPP contribution to EU public consultation on bioenergy/energy crops
The contribution can be found here as a response to the EU public consultation on bioenergy/energy crops.

ESPP response to EU consultation on preparation of Horizon2020 WP 2018-2020 on Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials - 8-4-2016
The input of ESPP can be found here.

ESPP comments to Deloitte draft phosphorus MSA documents circulated 1/9/2015
The ESPP was asked for input for the Study on Data Inventory for a Raw Material System Analysis. The study was carried out for the European Commission (DG GROW) in the context of the EU Raw Materials Initiative.
Here the ESPP comments
Here the project website
Here the final report by Deloitte

Proposed EU fertiliser criteria for biomass ashes
Download the submitted ESPP considerations for the definition of EU Fertiliser Regulation (FR) criteria for use of ashes as (a) a fertiliser or (b) a fertiliser raw material. For more information on this issue, please visit the news article concerning this topic.

Phosphorus Project: Sea Breeze IV Case Denmark
Report PhosphorusProject Denmark

Proposed EU Fertiliser Regulation criteria for recovered struvite
Joint proposal of ESPP for EU Commission, based on specific proposals of European operators producing struvite and technology suppliers. 

France Phosphorus Platform meeting Rennes 7-7-14
Minutes of first meeting to discuss launch of a France Phosphorus network - presentations of French actors in phosphorus management - discussions of possible network actions and objectives.
France Phosphorus network discussion meeting Rennes 7-7-14

UK BioRefine nutrient platform meeting, Leeds 12-11-14 - Summary of conclusions of BioRefine / Link2Energy / ESPP meeting to discuss UK nutrient platform project, Leeds, 12/11/2014
Leeds 12-11-2014 UK nutrient platform discussion meeting

German Phosphorus Platform meeting 12 Feb 2015
Summary, final statutes, initial elected Board, membership fee levels. Press release in English. Statutes etc. in German. Deutsche Phosphor Platform (DPP)
DPP German P Platform 12-2-15 meeting

EUC Regions workshop Rennes 7-9 July 2014
Regions at work for the bio-economy: converting biowastes into efficient fertilisers, regulatory and financial framework.
European Commission workshop Rennes 7-9 July 2014

ESPP meeting, Brussels, 5th June 2014
ESPP meeting agenda 5th June 2014

Visions for sustainable phosphorus use
The special issue n° 106 of the SCOPE (ESPP) Newsletter presents a selection of 25 visions for sustainable phosphorus tomorrow. This document is the full text of the 110 contributions received, including this selection and all other texts submitted.
All contributions received

Proposed business plan and budget for ESPP 2014-2015

Minutes of ESPP meeting Brussels, Lombardy Delegation, 2nd December 2014. Establishment and statutes. Actions 2015. Phosphorus as a Critical Raw Material.
ESPP Minutes 2-12-2014

eMarket launch
Launch of the eMarket for recovered nutrients on 11 December 2014.
eMarket press release

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