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This calendar of events is related to sustainable nutrient use and recycling. If you want to suggest and event, contact us.






Meeting Archive 

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World Fertilizer Conference 2023

2-3 October 2023, Washington DC (USA), Website

Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference

17-19 October 2023, Lisbon (Portugal), Registration

Sweden Nutrient Platform (RiSE) meeting - in Swedish

18 october 2023, Stockholm (SE), Website

Lecture Series on Industrial Phosphorus Chemistry (I) - Phosphorus Chemistry at Solvay

26 october 2023, online, Programme and registration

24th International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC)

12-16 november 2023, Ningbo (China), Registration

European Biosolids & Bioresources Conference & Exhibition

14-15 November 2023, Manchester (UK) and Online, Registration


Organic Phosphorus Meeting 2023 (OP2023)

27-31 November 2023, Puc√≥n (CL), Contact 

International Fertiliser Society 2023 Conference

6-8 december 2023, Cambridge (UK), Registration

SOFIE3 (Summit of the Organic Fertilisers Industry in Europe) Logo SOFIE corr

16-17 January 2024, Brussels (BE) and Online

9th International Nitrogen Conference (INI)

5-8 february 2024, New Dehli (India), Website

Phosphorus Forum (Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance)

21-22 February 2024, Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Website 

CRU Phosphates 2024

26-28 February 2024, Warsaw (PL), Website

9th IWA Water Resource Recovery Modelling Seminar

6-10 April 2024, Notre Dame (USA), Website

International Conference on Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon Chemistry (ICPBSC 2024) 

15-16 April 2024, Cape Town (South Africa), Website

NERM (Nutrients in Europe Research Meeting)

16-17 april 2024, Brussels (BE) and Online, news coming soon

International Conference on Wider-Uptake of Water Resource Recovery from Wastewater Treatment

18-21 June 2024, Palermo (IT), Website

The 18th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

24-28 June 2024, Essen (DE), Website

10th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW10)

26-30 august 2024, Dundee (SC), Website

The Fertilizer Institute World Fertilizer Conference 2024

16-18 september 2024, Dallas (US), Website