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  • STRUBIAS – EU Fertilisers Regulation criteria for struvite, biochars, ashes
    • STRUBIAS draft “market study” (JRC, 20/12/2017) circulated on 20th December 2017, for comment. This document assesses the possible sources of raw materials for nutrient recycling, STRUBIAS technologies and economic aspects (fertiliser prices, market for STRUBIAS products, economic externalities). JRC requests detailed comments on the report text (corrections or additional information, line by line) and answers to specific questions (see “Questions” document). Comments are not accepted directly by JRC and must be transmitted via a member of the STRUBIAS working group (which includes: ESPP, DPP and several ESPP members).
      Please therefore transmit your comments to by 28th February latest. For all comments please specify either page number and line number of document, or number of question addressed, and provide justification (references, documents).
    • Interim draft report & annexes and “nutrient recovery rules” (CMC requirements) for comment, EU JRC 24/5/2017
      NOTE: This is a DRAFT for comment, circulated by the European Commission JRC 24th May 2017. The Commission has specified that comments will be accepted ONLY via members of the STRUBIAS working group.
    • ESPP comments on the STRUBIAS draft report and proposed “nutrient recovery rules”
  • Nitrates Directive / recycled nutrient products from manure
    The EU Nitrates Directive specifies lower application limits for manure “even in a processed form” than for mineral fertilisers. Depending on application, this can discriminate against recycled nutrient products made from or partly from manure. ESPP is developing proposals to address this, whilst continuing to ensure environmental protection
  • Phosphorus recycling legistlation at national level in Europe:
    • Switzerland: obligation to recover phosphorus from all sewage sludge and slaughterhouse waste (adopted), see SCOPE Newsletter n° 118 (page 13)
    • Germany: obligation to recover phosphorus from larger wastewater treatment plants (in adoption process), see eNews no. 7 and no. 6 and SCOPE Newsletter n° 122
    • Austria: proposed mandatory phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge (2016, in adoption process), see ESPP news item
    • Sweden: proposed national ordinance on sustainable phosphorus recycling by EPA (2013, no follow up yet), see SCOPE Newsletter n° 123 (page 11) and n° 97 (page 2)
  • Organic Farming Regulation: proposed validation of recycled P products (struvite, calcined phosphates) - see ESPP eNews n° 4

  • REACH (EU chemicals regulation):
  • Best available techniques (BAT) BREFs (Industrial Emissions Directive):
    • BAT for waste incineration – objective: take into account the recovery of phosphorus from ashes, including inciting separative incineration of high-P streams to generate ash with P-recovery potential (mono-incineration of sewage sludge, not mixing with industrial sludge or municipal solid wastes)
    • BAT for intensive pig & poultry production – see SCOPE Newsletter n° 116, see also ESPP letter to EID Forum 30/9/2015

  • Best management practices (BEMPs): EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme Regulation) “agriculture” – see SCOPE Newsletter n° 116


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