The literature search, operator mapping and technology inventory is available HERE.

ESPP is widening to include recovery for recycling of nitrogen.

A first meeting has been organised, open to technology providers and developers and to companies developing nitrogen recycling.

The final programme of the workshop is available hereSCOPE Newsletter summary of the event is currently being finalised, and registered participants already have full access to slides, session recordings, edited Chat, list of participants with emails via link sent by email.

Following this workshop, ESPP is establishing a Nitrogen Recovery Working Group aiming to:

  • n recovery newsIdentify actions to support development and implementation of N-Recovery

  • Define consensus proposals to submit to policy makers

  • Set up and secure funding for an appropriate ‘structure’ to take this forward (including funding human resources necessary for group moderation). 

Companies and stakeholders interested to participate in this Nitrogen Recovery Working Group should contact