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In this SCOPE newsletter:
Summary of the ESPP waste water policy workshop
(sewage phosphorus removal perspectives and discharge limits)
Liège, 9th October 2019

  • Optimising phosphorus removal strategies
  • Flexible permits and catchment/load permitting
  • Achievable levels of P-removal
  • Financial tools to drive P-removal
  • European water and nutrients policies
  • Achieving low wwtp phosphorus discharges: trial results of technologies in real wwtp operation
  • Investment costs
  • Financial incentives
  • Chemical P-removal innovation

With: Veolia, Suez, Aquafin, Wessex Water, Severn Trent Water / UKWIR, EGLV (Emschergenossenschaft & Lippeverband), VEAS Norway, Helsinki HSY, Kemira, EUREAU, ENEA (Italian P Platform), MM (Milan’s water operator), Aqua Publica, Denmark Ministry of Environment and Food, European Commission (DG Environment, DG Research & Innovation)

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In this SCOPE newsletter:
Summary of the 3rd IWA
Resource Recovery Conference (IWARR 2019)
The third IWARR conference, Venice, September 2019, co-organised with the Horizon2020 SMART-Plant project, brought together over 360 participants from 43 countries. This SCOPE Newsletter special edition presents some of the conference and workshop conclusions, and summarises a selection of the papers and posters relevant to nutrient recovery and recycling.

  • Conference conclusions
  • From recovery to market
  • Workshop on implementation
  • Circular City workshop
  • Conference keynotes and context
  • Sewage sludge challenges in Italy
  • Baltic Bonus RETURN
  • Operator resource recovery strategies
  • EU funding of water resource recovery R&D
  • Looking beyond Europe
  • Phosphorus recovery technologies

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Summary of the 9th International Phosphorus Workshop (IPW9)
ETH Zurich, 8 – 12 July 2019:

  • Site visits
  • Holistic view
  • Phosphorus excess or phosphorus insufficiency?
  • Fertiliser innovation
  • Animal feeds
  • Long-term field trials
  • Phosphorus management policies
  • Phosphorus recycling
  • Conclusions

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SCOPE summary edition of the 1st Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE), 5 - 6 June 2019, organised by ESPP. SOFIE brought together, for the first time ever, the European carbon-based fertiliser sector, and attracted over 125 participants, from industry (two thirds of participants), regulators, stakeholders and R&D, covering 14 European countries, as well as India and North America.

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  • Review papers on new fertilisers
  • State of science on sewage biosolids
  • Assessment of biosolids on farmland
  • P-removal technology trials results published
  • IFS Conference: leading science in sustainable farming
  • Calcium phosphate food additives and health
  • Phosphorus recycling technology tour
  • Summary of German and Swiss legislations relevant to phosphorus recycling

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Read earlier SCOPE and eNews editions.