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Ductor started in 2009 with the aim to create a solution that would help solving today’s environmental challenges in the energy and agriculture sector. Today we build, own, and operate microbiological turnkey facilities, turning waste from the agricultural sector into sustainable fertilizers and biogas. With two plants in Mexico and Germany and numerous projects in the pipeline we could proof that we are able to live up to our purpose: we are unlocking bio-resources to make food sustainable and energy clean.

Ductor’s proprietary process reforms nitrogen recovery with a biological approach, which optimizes the operational, economic and ecological performance of biogas production.

The Ductor process offers an effective solution to allow the processing of high nitrogen wastes. Nitrogen is removed in a pre-fermentation prior to the biogas process to prevent nitrogen inhibition in the main fermenter. The recovered nitrogen liquid phase can be used as fertilizer, whilst the nitrogen-reduced slurry can be fermented in a standard anaerobic digester. The digestate is upgraded to fertilizer or soil improver.

Ductor is offering a safe, responsible and economical solution to valorizing waste streams from agriculture and returning them as energy and valuable input materials to farms in the form of fertilizers.  

We joined ESPP because we share the targets and values ESPP stands for. Especially we appreciate allowing and facilitating the safe use of RENURE products, supporting to include RENURE and similar products into EU level fertilizer legislation and recycled nutrients for organic farming, and being a source of information of fertilizer use and market.


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