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Phosphoric Acid & Phosphates Producers Association

The Phosphoric Acid & Phosphates Producers Association (PAPA) is a Sector Group of CEFIC, which represents European companies operating in the area of phosphates.

Phosphates are inorganic compounds that exist in most food products and are produced synthetically from phosphoric acid. Phosphates are used in food processing to achieve a wide range of effects like buffering capacity, sequestering agent, anti-caking agent, shelf life improvement, water binding, mineral enrichment, etc. 

They are used as functional food additives in the following categories: bakery products, meat and poultry products, seafood products, processed cheese, dairy products, potato products, soups and sauces, starch-based products, powdered foodstuffs, beverages, soda and juice products, drinking water.


  • Submission of dossiers in the context of food additives re-evaluations.

  • Investigation on real consumption data of phosphates (cfr. intake studies).

  • Data submission concerning phosphoric acid used as feed additive.

  • Collection of scientific information related to food phosphates.

  • Commissioning scientific studies on health related aspects.

  • Regulatory monitoring stakeholder.


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Chemische Fabrik Budenheim



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