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2 x syren systemer reduceret


Application of animal slurry based on phosphorus value with adjustment of N-value through injection of liquid ammonia into slurry and eliminating ammonia emission through pH control using sulphuric acid, which doubles as S-fertilizer.

The phosphorus is inherent in animal slurry.  Phosphor is currently overdosed with use of animal slurry as the volume of slurry is based on the slurry nitrogen value. By enabling adjustment of the nitrogen value and eliminating the emission from ammonia and adding sulphur, a much more efficient and cost effective use of phosphorous and animal slurry is possible.

6 years development and +2 million euro investment. 

The SyreN+ acidification technique is currently treating 20% of Danish slurry volume. With a 100% treatment, the potential environmental benefits in Denmark will be:
- Reduction of 17.000 ton ammonia emission per year
- Historic rescue mission for biodiversity   
- +100.000 ton reduction in CO2 emission per year         
- 20.000 ton reduction in nitrogen leaching to ground water per year
- 20% reduction in air particle pollution
•    Reduction in use of 13.000 ton phosphorus per year

syren iso bus fendt reduceret

Exceptionally good ecconomy:
- +150 EU / ha in grass compared to injection
- Average 4.5 Hkg yield increase in wheat


More information:
website: BioCover AS

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Read earlier SCOPE and eNews editions.

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