In this issue of SCOPE:

  • Nutrient data to support decision making: DONUTSS workshop
  • P flows and balances of the EU States
  • Netherlands Parliament to address P-recycling
  • EU decision on cadmium: Why did it go wrong?
  • ISO 13065: New standard for sustainable bioenergy
  • The Climate Trust: Carbon market credits for nutrients
  • UNEP – GPNM: Global Phosphorus Task Team launched
  • Scotland: Nutrient management initiatives and innovation award
  • INEMAD: biobased fertilisers - What do farmers want?
  • LIFE ANADRY: Organic fertiliser from sewage biosolids
  • US EPA – USDA: Nutrient Recycling Challenge
  • SludgeTech 2015: Fresh thinking on sludge management
  • BioRefine conclusions on nutrient recovery from biomass
  • Nutrient Platform UK (NPUK) proposed objectives
  • REFERTIL compost and biochar conference, Toledo

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In this issue of SCOPE:
  • Draft EU BAT reference: Intensive poultry & pigs
  • EMAS: Agriculture Best Environmental Management Practice (BEMP) and conference at Expo2015 Milan
  • European Court of Auditors (ECA) call to tighten EU sewage and sludge Directives
  • Outotec: Steam-drying technology may open new routes for biosolids nutrient recycling
  • Leuven Belgium: Struvite precipitation and sludge dewaterability
  • Thesis proposes UK water industry P-recycling policy tool
  • Phosphorus flows: low P use efficiency of New Zealand
  • Switzerland: available soil phosphorus related to agricultural land use

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In this issue of SCOPE:

Agriculture BMPs (Best Management Practices): updates needed
Maryland State Phosphorus Management Tool (PMT) Regulation
Symphos 2015 (OCP) Morocco: Innovation & Technology in the Phosphate Industry
P-REX: P-recovery technology assessment
Ostara Struvite sales success in UK
Lake Erie : Eutrophication research and management
EU Commission report : “Circular approaches to P” conclusions on P-recycling R&D
Experience of biomass production for nutrient recycling

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In July's issue of SCOPE:

EU Investment Plan funds nutrient recycling
Circular Economy
EU Commission conference & Ellen MacArthur Foundation
European Parliament meeting on nutrient circular economy
EIP-AGRI - Proposal to create an EU EIP-AGRI Focus Group on Agronomic use of recycled nutrients
NAPPS launch (North American Partnership for Phosphorus Sustainability
Plant phosphorus availability in composts
Contaminants in struvite from manure
Selective P-adsorption for P-recovery
Phosphorus in pharmaceutical drugs
Phosphate industry perspectives

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In this issue of SCOPE:

Circular Economy: EU Commission consultation open
UK phosphorus flows: Data to support P management decisions
UK Nutrient Platform meeting
Phosphorus management in Denmark
P-availability in manures and sewage sludge
Different phosphorus forms in biowastes
Composts and digestates: Nutrient and contaminants
Sewage sludge: Varying removal of pharmaceuticals
Sustainable aquaponics
Soil phosphorus and P stocks
Iron dosing and P-recovery perspectives
New techniques for assessing soil P
Uganda - Wastes to reduce soil nutrient deficits
Evaluation of phosphorus stocks in Austria

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In this issue of SCOPE:

- Dietary reference values for P
- Sludge recovery and recycling standards
- Struvite and energy recovery
- International Phosphorus Workshop IPW7

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Special issue: Conference summary of the 2nd European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2) Berlin 5-6 March 2015.

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In this issue of SCOPE:

- phosphorus Platform actions
- awareness videos
- sustainable phosphorus chemistry
- recycled P fertiliser regulation
- phosphorus recovery and recycling

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