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ITALPOLLINA SPA is a leader in the production of naturally derived fertilizers and specialty plant nutrition products for use in organic and conventional agriculture based on processed manure, biostimulants of vegetal origin and beneficial microbials. A comprehensive and diversified catalogue is available in more than 70 countries worldwide with direct subsidiaries and professional distributors. Product portfolio offers a wide range of innovative solutions for a modern and sustainable agriculture, whose principles are food and environment safety.

ITALPOLLINA fertilizers, thanks to selected raw materials, technologically advanced manufacturing processes and stringent internal controls ensure:

  • maximum fertilisation efficiency;
  • improvement of plant nutrition;
  • increase of yield and quality;
  • respect for the environment and the health of users.

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The continuous investments in R&D qualifies ITALPOLLINA as a world leader in cutting-edge technologies for agriculture and one of the main players in plant biostimulants.

Since 40 years, ITALPOLLINA recovers nutrients from processed manures in accordance with EC regulation 1069/2009 and the R&D department develop in collaboration with different universities biostimulants to improve the efficiency of the nutrients by increasing the solubilisation or the capacity of the plant to uptake them


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Benoît Planques
Italpollina S.p.A.
Regulatory Manager

+33 633692210

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