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The WWF’s Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award annually recognises individual or cooperative farmers in the Baltic catchment who are implementing exemplary practices in nutrient management. Each year one farmer prize-winner from each Baltic catchment state plus an overall winner are selected.

Farm practices awarded to date have included amongst others:

  • Balanced fertilisation
  • Creation of wetlands
  • Artificial ponds as nutrient traps
  • Use of nitrogen “catch” crops, undersown crops or all-year ground cover
  • Permanent grassland buffer strips
  • Appropriate application of manure to recycle nutrients
  • Crop rotation systems
  • Reduced tillage
  • Soil liming

See SCOPE Newsletter 104 and the WWF global website.

WWF believes that farmers are a key to the solution to the major eutrophication problems of the Baltic (28% is classified as dead zones covering an area two times the size of Denmark). Showcasing individual farmer’s agri-environmental measuresis essential to demonstrate and disseminate for others to follow and replicate. WWF is also now launching a Baltic agri-environment cooperation platform.

Further information (WWF Sweden); a platform for Agri - Environmental Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

Photos: top © WWF Lithuania / Egidijus

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