Malmö workshop discusses the evidence base on impacts of organic contaminants in sewage sludge used in agriculture.

Hydrobiologia special issue: metrics for water quality and defining phosphorus targets to avoid toxic algae.

Challenges of phosphorus: International IPW8 Conference, Rostock, identifies solutions

Recent studies assess challenges to marketing and user uptake of organic recycled nutrient products.

A mobile batch unit was used to test P-recovery by sorption onto CSH and fertiliser effectiveness was tested.

Phosphorus extraction from dairy cattle slurry with low acid dose and precipitation of calcium phosphate not struvite.

LCAs of nutrient recycling scenarios including harvesting mussels to reduce eutrophication and recycle nutrients.

Nutrient recovery (phosphorus and nitrogen) by adsorption to hydrochars, biochars and chemically modified biochars.

A new technology to recover P from oilseed cakes illustrates the challenges of developing new value chains needed for P-recycling.

Safety and performance of aquaculture fish foods produced from food wastes.

Calcium phosphate precipitation by seawater-driven forward osmosis without chemical addition.

COOPERL Forum: pig farmers and experts from six regions in Europe identify common future challenges.

Update to data summary in SCOPE Newsletter 121 on struvite effectiveness as fertiliser.

After more than 10 years of revision, the new draft of the German sewage sludge ordinance (AbfKlärV), which will make phosphorus recovery obligatory for most of Germany’s sewage, has been sent by the Federal Ministry of Environment (BMUB) to the European Commission for notification at September 26th 2016. This notification is the standard procedure for new member state regulations (directive 2015/1535/EU). Once approved by EC, the content cannot be changed afterwards except for minor adaptions. During notification, there is a three months stand-still agreement.

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